Sunday, 15 May 2022

Hearts & Home Scrapbooking Class

 After some problems with deliveries this class finally went live and the layouts were completed and I am really pleased with how they turned out.  I will take you through a bit of the thinking that went into them.

I think when you first look at the Heart & Home pack of paper it is difficult to see how it would work as all the backs are white woodgrain in 6 different designs, but I saw these as fantastic background papers and was really excited to use them.  I had seen a layout using very different paper from the Heart & Home papers, where the designer had folded the corner over and it looked like you could see behind the paper and see the back and front of the paper at the same time, I knew this would look great with the woodgrain paper, so I stored that image away till I could decide what photos to use and how to make it work for me.

   I was surprised with what photos went with the papers, and I think that was another reason that people might have been hesitant about these papers for scrapbooking, as there wasn't one clear colour theme.  I found that photos I had taken of my Hubby and I at Kensington Palace went so well with the papers, the Palace was the exact same colour as the papers with the bees on it! Who knew that Kensington Palace was Cinnamon Cider! 

I then began to realise that the papers were great for garden photos as the Garden Green was crying out for parks and lawn photos, so Kensington Park and Palace was a perfect topic for this layout.  I had included some of the doilies in the kit without being too sure how I was going to use them.  But I tend to see shapes within shapes and I could see that the doilies had lots of levels of patterns in itself so I got out my Layered Circle dies and found that one of them was the exact right size to cut out the central part of the doily whilst leaving the tiny dot pattern around the inner edge of the circle, and then leaving the outside bit fully intact and able to be used elsewhere in the layout.  You can see the inner part of the doily under the flowers, bottom left of the layout, and the outer part is to the right of the photos with other flowers over the top. I felt they lent themselves really well to a lovely English country garden feel. 

The other thing I did different for this layout, and had come as a flash of inspiration, was the Basic Grey 12x12 piece of card which you can see sits behind the whole layout, it borders the white woodgrain background paper.  Well that's not a 12x12 piece of Basic Grey card, it is white card with an inked border and the messy edges covered by the woodgrain paper! I was so pleased to have worked out that I could do this, as I don't always have all the different coloured 12x12 card, which I can find quite restrictive, but with this technique, I can change the colour of the white card to match any colour background I need, it didn't take long and wasn't too messy either... I don't like messy craft!

After realising that the Palace was the right colour I then remembered that buildings in Italy were also a similar colour so then I started looking for photos from Florence as I thought these would work really well.  They did, but I didn't have the sorts of photos that I was looking for, but then I stumbled upon some really old photos from our families first trip to Disney World.  In Epcot, at Disney World, there is an area called The World Showcase.  It is one of my favourite parts of the park to visit as you can walk around the world in one day, and experience the cultures, buy things from those countries and eat in restaurants, as well as rides and shows. There are lots of pavilions, as they are called, and each one is a different country. If you ever get a chance to visit, it is a lot of fun.  There is an Italian Pavilion and I found just the right photos from the Italian Pavilion for the layout I had in mind.

For this layout I used the idea of folding the corner of the front piece of paper over and being able to see behind the paper and the back and front of the paper at the same time as well. I really loved the effect! Even my Hubby commentated on it and said that he liked it to, high praise indeed! 

I am always excited when Stampin Up include Memories & More cards in their suites as they can bring in so many other coordinating elements into a layout.  In my case, for this layout, I used the wording from one of the 6x4 Memory & More cards and cut them out to make title blocks which are sitting on top of the doily on the green paper to the right of the layout. I love the way they match the papers perfectly and bring in a different font and feel.  I also like the Memories & More cards as they have variations on the paper patterns in the DSP which is great for scrapbooking as you can use smaller pieces of cards for layering and it gives you more variety in what you can use. Also the card packs have sheets of stickers, not all of them are good for scrapbooking but some definitely are.

As I said, I enjoyed making these layouts and was so pleased with how the photos and papers worked together.  I hope you enjoyed reading about some of the thinking that goes into putting these layouts together and if you would like to have a go at doing these layouts yourself then the papers are only available till the end of May, so follow the link below to get your hands on them. If you would like to have access to my class video, please let me know and I can send you a link.

Thank you for reading this post.

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